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      Atlas Training Systems



Here at Atlas Training Systems we strive to provide the highest quality training possible. Whether someone wants to get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, improve mobility, gain speed, or is looking for sport specific training, we offer it all.


We take the time to teach anyone who comes through our doors the fastest, most effective and safest way to reach their fitness goals.


We utilize various training methodologies to provide optimal results and create well balanced clients, ranging from olympic lifts, plyometrics, strength conditioning, powerlifting, sport specific movements/drills as well as many other functional movement patterns.


Whether you are looking for one on one personal training, nutrition planning, MMA, or our popular Fitcamp classes, you will find the necessary tools here to get you looking and feeling the way you always dreamed you could.

Contact Us

96 Concord Ave

Saint Johnsbury VT 05819



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