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"Aaron is an expert and has the knowledge about what i need to be doing to build strength, but also knows how to make ME see that I CAN do it. I am doing things I never thought poissible and lifitng weights that i certainly never thought would be attainable for me. Left to my own devices, I never would have. Thank you Aaron!!" - Shannon

"I can't thank Aaron Fondry and ATS enough for the past 2 years of training. The work that I have done there has helped me so much. The proof I have to offer is I have just barely secured a Navy SEAL contract and I simply can't thank Aaron Fondry enough. Thanks for all of your help, it will never be forgotten."  -Matt

"Aaron mad the impossible, possible for me and provided me with so much meaning in my life. I am a much stronger person physically and emotionally after training with him. Thank you Aaron, you have forever changed my life." - K.C.

"Aaron is an amazing trainer who will take you to a new limit in your training, your strength and endurance. He pushes you to do more than you ever thought possible, but never further than what he KNOWS you can do. You'll never regret training with him but you will regret it if you don't." - Radha

     "As someone who was extremely out of shape and with no athletic upbringing, I found boot camp very difficult. I spent the first year of this journey making huge adjustments to my goals, including attending classes two to three times a week and changing my nutrition habits, but I still lacked strength and endurance. It wasn’t until I added personal training to my regimen with Aaron Fondry of Atlas Training Systems, when I started seeing the dramatic results I was seeking.
     Each and every workout I have with Aaron, he challenges and pushes me to my limits…….limits I never believed I had. Just when I think I have no more to give, he encourages me to do more. I won’t lie; his sessions are tough, but the direction and support I have received from Aaron are exactly what I needed to succeed. When I finish a session now, I leave with the feeling of accomplishment and pride because I didn’t give up, that Aaron won’t let me give up.

     Since the start of my journey, almost two years ago, I have lost 65 pounds and have dropped over 20 inches. Overall, I am a stronger and healthier person… so many ways. It is hard to find the words to express the gratitude I have for Aaron Fondry, and Atlas Training Systems, for his confidence in me. My successes are a direct result of the invaluable support, motivation and encouragement he has given me." -Denise

"Over the course of 7 months working with Aaron, I lost 36 pounds, dropped over 7% bodyfat and I gained more strength than I ever thought possible for myself. His methods of training seemed flawless as every session seemed to bring some new progress. His style of training matched with his support towards my goals always left me with a smile on my face following our brutal training sessions. Thank you for everything Aaron!" -Kayla

"I've been competing in power lifting for the past four years. I have always placed within the top five of every competition I've ever competed in but hadn't accomplished taking home a first place finish until after I enlisted the training of Aaron Fondry. He knew how to motivate me, and to make me grind out extra reps I thought impossible. Less than 3 months after i began training with Aaron I won my first competition, and took home not one but two new personal best lifts. After this, I went on to take two more first place finishes and one second place in that same year. Even though i moved far away due to a new job, Aaron is still my "online personal trainer" as i call him now. He's always more than willing to help me out with my nutrition and my lifts. I owe a lot of my success to Aaron Fondry."  - James

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